Plan The Actual Funeral

First, talk to a few funeral directors. Hilton’s Mortuary will be here for you to answer any questions you might have even if you decide to use someone else for your funeral service. You will want to compare prices for such things as casket, embalming, and the cost for professional services.

Hilton’s Mortuary offers one-stop shopping, which can include such things as prayer cards, thank-you notes, and guest registers among many other options. Many opt for the funeral home in their community for personalized services.

Decide on body disposition. Burial or cremation? If earth burial, a cemetery plot should be purchased; if above ground, a mausoleum crypt. If cremation is the choice, plan the disposition of your ashes. Do you want them stored in a columbarium niche or buried? Maybe you prefer to have your ashes scattered?

An option some people take is to donate organs and tissues to a medical school. If that is your choice have a donor card and check on requirements.

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